Citrix MetaFrame XP 1.0 for Windows with Feature Release 2


Переименование сервера

  • Renaming a MetaFrame Server

    The name and security ID given to a server when it is installed and added to a server

    farm generally remains unchanged, but the server can be renamed if necessary.

    To rename a server in a server farm

    1. In the Citrix Management Console:

    • In the Add Administrators wizard, select the checkbox to Add local

    administrators to the Citrix Administrator node

    • From the Select Tasks screen, choose Full Administration

    2. Use chglogon /disable to prevent users from logging on to the server.

    3. Remove the server to be renamed from any published applications assigned to

    that server.

    4. Stop the Citrix IMA Service.

    5. Change the name of the server.

    6. Restart the server.

    7. Log on to the Citrix Management Console using the local administrator


    8. Expand the Servers folder.

    9. Assign a product code and feature release/service pack level to the new server


    10. Ensure that licenses are present and activated.

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