Citrix MetaFrame XP 1.0 for Windows with Feature Release 2


Зарегистрированные порты Citrix

ica 1494 TCP ICA
ica 1494 UDP <not used>
ica 0x85BB IPX ICA
ica 0x9010 SPX ICA
icabrowser 1604 TCP <not used>
icabrowser 1604 UDP ICA Browser
icabrowser 0x85BA IPX ICA Browser
citrixima 2512 TCP IMA (server to server)
citrixima 2512 UDP <not used>
citrixadmin 2513 TCP IMA (CMC to server)
citrixadmin 2513 UDP <not used>
citriximaclient 2598 TCP <not used>
citriximaclient 2598 UDP <not used>
citrix-rtmp 2897 TCP rtmp (Control)
citrix-rtmp 2897 UDP rtmp (Streaming Data)
Citrix Systems 3845 MIB Private Enterprise Number

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